Modelweaver 3.00 for Windows

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Modelweaver 3.00 for Windows Description

To use Modelweaver 3.00, a Digital Video Camera and a Turntable, such as Kaidan Motorized PiXi™-M Turntable, are necessary. It provides an extremely easy automatic approach of creating professional 3D Object Movie, and has the functions of:

The ability to use a FireWire™-enabled digital video camera to automatically capture the object images and then create the 3D VR object (The user can also utilize existing images or video captured by digital video cameras or still digital cameras.)
Enabling the user to edit, optimize and preview the quality of the 3D images.
Enabling the end user to observe the object in every direction and interactively control the VR object with the mouse.
Creating the 3D object movies in Modelweaver Applet (a java applet embedded in html page, no plug-in required), QuickTime™ VR(QTVR) format or Flash format in order to publish the 3D Objects to a web server or CD.

Modelweaver 3.00 for Windows Key Features

Modelweaver 3.00 has the following advantages over other object movie creating software:

A. Timesaving. The user can use a digital video camera to automatically capture and import the images into the computer quickly (existing images or video can also be used). Modelweaver 3.00 is especially designed to be used with your Digital Video Camera and turntable, so the user can produce an interactive 3D Object Movie in minutes. The bundled software saves the user’s time and high expenses of creating a more complicated professional VR object movie. Once your lighting and capturing device have been prepared, you can use your computer to control the most necessary steps.

B. Misalignment Elimination. The user can adjust the misalignment and boundaries of the images and preview the adjusted result at any time. Modelweaver 3.00 has provided two ways of aligning images (Point Alignment Mode and Move Alignment Mode), so the wobbling defect in object movies due to misalignment in taking pictures or shooting videos can be eliminated easily. Also this software has the ability of redefining the zone of the images of the 3D Object Movie, which has ensured that the objects can be displayed optimally.

C. Customization of logo and toolbar. The user can use their own logo and toolbar in the viewer to promote their own products. The user can customize the downloading waiting logo, functional buttons in the 3D Object Movie viewer.

D. Integration into web page and CD. The user can embed the object movie into web pages and multimedia CDs easily. Flash, Java Applet and QuickTime VR formats are available so the object movie can be integrated into web pages and multimedia CDs.

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