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EmEditor Professional Description

EmEditor Professional is a text editor with macro functionality using JavaScript and VBScript to define most operations. You can manipulate applications, Windows files or network resources. The macros are based on the Windows Scripting Host mechanism (WSH), with robust objects, Unicode support, plug-ins, search, substitutions, combinations, syntax highlighting, OLE and menu customizations / keyboard.

This version can now be performed in a single process, even when multiple files are open and no matter what kind of tab is used.
Several windows are now performed in multi-tasking.
Many plug-ins and macro methods have been added to navigate between multiple documents.

EmEditor Professional Review

EmEditor is primarily a simple and fast, able to open documents of any size, fully customizable and everyday essential features editor.

This editor is specially optimized to take up as little space as possible and implemented quickly, hardly occupy system resources.

It incorporates an interface simple document sets no limit on file size, number of rows or columns, working just as fast with a single window with multiple open files.

EmEditor supports Unicode files, allowing you to edit text in more than one language or in several programming languages ​​simultaneously.

This makes EmEditor a suitable tool for web designers working on HTML, programmers creating scripts or simply for those who want to use a Notepad most complete and functional.

Other features of this editor are using a color code for script programming language and supports drag-and-drop text and copied to a processor or Internet Explorer objects.

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EmEditor Professional