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Epubor eBook Converter for Mac Description




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Epubor eBook Converter allows the user to make conversion of text files in an uncomplicated way and much easier than normal. Unlike most programs, it requires no previous knowledge and requires few steps to leave his books compatible with the player you want.

Commonly, eBooks do not recognize all types of extension, and this becomes a problem for many users. Therefore, Epubor eBook Converter was developed.

To modify the format of the selected file, simply drag it to the screen of the software and choose the length you prefer, making it accessible on your eBook. A major advantage of this application is that it does automatic recognition of shapes in which texts are.

After recognizing the properties of the book dragged, Epubor eBook Converter give you two different options: manually choose the extension or make the book readable according to the manufacturer’s eBook used by user.

The tool enables you to perform multiple conversions at the same time, regardless of format or selected for each device. In addition, the book can be saved in the folder that you want or be transferred directly to your reading device (if it is connected to your machine).

Epubor eBook Converter Key Features

– Convert EPUB, Mobi, PDF eBooks
– Edit eBook Metadata
– Batch conversion
– Converted book keeps the original quality
– User Manual helps you get started quickly
– Attentive Customer Service & Instant Help

Epubor eBook Converter Review

If you’re a regular user of ebooks, whether on mobile, tablet or a specific reader, you know that sometimes the subject of the formats can be a nuisance. Although Epubor eBook Converter cease to be.

Epubor eBook Converter is a useful tool that converts the formats most used ebook and is compatible with over 200 devices for reading electronic books.

Use Epubor eBook Converter could not be easier. First you must add all the files you want to convert . Then need to select the device you want to read the books (remember, more than 200, and their respective logos) and the output format. After you specify the folder where you want to save the new archvios , Epubor eBook Converter does the rest.

With its actractivo design, ease of use and variety of formats, Epubor eBook Converter is an excellent program for eBook readers.

Attractive design
Work with the most popular ebook formats
Compatible with over 200 devices

No offers advanced configuration options

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Epubor eBook Converter