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Epubor Ultimate Converter is a powerful tool enables you to convert any epub, PDF, Mobi, AZW ebooks to be read on kindle, iPad, Sony reader, Nook reader or others. It includes two major functions: any DRM Removal and any eBook Converter included ePub, PDF, AZW, Kindle,etc. formats. You can convert ebooks with DRM protection or without any DRM protection, and you can feel free to choose ePub, PDF, or Kindle/Mobi as output format that fits your eReader, so it is powerful. This is the first two functionalities in one ebook converter. You can convert DRMed or DRM free ebooks to be read on kindle, ipad and other eReaders by using this converter ultimate software, the other ebook converters can not have these excellent characters, so it’s unique.

eBook Converter and DRM Removal functionalities are in one eBook Converter Ultimate. This tool includes five DRM removals such as ePub DRM Removal, PDF DRM Removal, Kindle DRM Removal, Mobi DRM Removal, etc. and more than three ebook converters. You can convert ebook formats either DRM protected or DRM unprotected to ePub, PDF, AZW or Kindle Mobi. That output ebook formats fit more than 20 eReader styles.

Epubor Ultimate Converter Features and Benifits:

-Convert any ebooks you’d like, just add your files with DRM protections or DRM free.
Feel free to add your ePub, PDF or Mobi books to it, whatever they are free of DRM or have any DRM
protection, it will work well.
-Batch conversion, save most of your time.
It supports batch convertsion, so you don’t need to convert file one by one , just add your files in a folder.
-Drag and Drop functions, more easier to operate.
Drag and drop files to it, it’s very simple , even for beginners.

What’s New about Epubor Ultimate

1) Add new devices into the output format list;
2) New formats supported: AZW1, AZW3, AZW4, TPZ, Topaz;
3) Enhance the log file’s information to help us solve your problems;
4) Skip the book if the conversion doesn’t finish in 30 minutes;
5) Solve the delay problem when you add in bunch of books;
6) Optimize the core codes to improve the conversion quality;
7) Support “Extra Large Icons” for Windows Vista / 7;
8) Improved icon (higher resolution) in task bar;
9) Fix the compatibility issue for Windows XP computers;
10) More bugs fixed.

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Epubor Ultimate Converter