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EssentialPIM Pro Lifetime License Description




EssentialPIM Pro Desktop or Portable $39.95 Only $31.96 Get It Now!
EssentialPIM Pro Lifetime License $79.95 Only $63.96 Get It Now!

EssentialPIM Pro is a tool for managing personal work, tasks and overall schedule.

It looks like a manager email client, but that is only one of its functions. It also has a host of tasks, calendar, notes and address book.

The highlight of EssentialPIM Pro is how information is structured. The excellent interface design allows you to check out lots of information.

EssentialPIM Pro Key Features

Gives a full overview of things need to be done in a simple, color-coded layout. Data from all modules is collected here to give a short and long-term perspective.
Extensive settings to adjust the view, like showing certain data or limiting to certain period make sure you see your day the way you want it.

Color-coded, easy-to-read day, week, month, year schedules.
Customized categories, fast search make sure data is organized your way.
Templates allow to insert new items quickly and without errors.
Extensive synchronization, printout and export capabilities let you handle your schedule data the way you want it.

Flexible structure that organizes To Do’s into multiple trees, with subtrees and leafs. Together with powerful filtering tools this allows for lightning-fast location of your data.
Powerful print- out features will allow you to print the way you want it.
Synchronize your To Do’s with Outlook, Android/ iOS devices, Google or export into multiple formats.

Flat, table, or tree-like multilevel data structure, or any combination you want.
Multiple views and a filter allow for very quick location of data.
Insert photos, drawings, pictures of any format, tables, any nicely formatted text.
Powerful synchronization (Outlook, Android, iOS, iCloud, Google), printout and save features.

Multi-level groups and powerful filter make sure your contacts never lost.
Unlimited custom fields allow to store virtually any type of data.
Integrated synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, iOS, Android and Google. Make sure your contacts are always with you.
Extensive printout and export features.

Portable email client that always works, online of or offline.
Integration with Contacts and other EssentialPIM modules for productive work.
Signatures, mail rules, printing- everything you would expect from a mature email client.

Convenient way to store all your Passwords and other sensitive data.
Unlimited hierarchical groups, advanced sorting capabilities and fast search and filter make sure data is easily accessible.
Pre-set fields with unlimited custom fields allow to store any data.
Extremely versatile printout and export- choose any entries, any fields and multiple layouts.

Makes sure you never lose any items from EssentialPIM.
Data from Trash can be restored at any moment.

EssentialPIM Pro Review

EssentialPIM Pro is a personal information manager that allows you to organize your daily tasks, contacts, notes, anniversaries, to do lists and other things. It also features email integration and allows you to replace your old email client to have everything in one place.

It features a nice and intuitive user interface, pretty well organized and fully customizable. It includes a comprehensive address book where you can store your contacts detailing information such as personal info, business, notes, picture and attachments. All in all, with EssentialPIM Pro you will never forget or lose any event or information, as you can have it wherever you go.

Easy to use.
Nice and intuitive user interface.
Powerful options and features.
Fully customizable.


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EssentialPIM Pro