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Expert Advisor Joker EA Single License Description




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Joker EA is Really Profitable in LIVE TRADING! Joker EA – TREND day-and-night scalper. The algorithm of the EA is like the well-known«WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT», – trade on a pullback to the trend. However, the major difference of the advisor «Joker EA», is a completely different algorithm for opening and closing positions. This improves the accuracy of the entrances to the market and increases the probability of closing deals in the profit zone. Moreover, in contrast to «WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT», we trade on the chart M5. This significantly increases the total number of transactions and, hence,the yield!

Joker EA Key Features

Automated trading with advisors today is very popular among traders of different levels. There are several reasons.

Expert Advisors are impartial . They sell strictly by defined algorithm and are not affected by human emotions.
Their presence in the market can be non-stop, and they do not get tired. They are able to work on graphs of small size, fast response to small changes of the market and often take profits in small portions.
While the advisor works and earns you are busy with your affairs.
But to be so, it must be a well-written advisor, that has proven its effectiveness in practice. Today there are many offers , but to find a good advisor is not so simple. What makes a good advisor you may ask?

It must be effective. It must earn.
It is desirable that it could make profit every day. This creates a pleasant feeling of daily progress.
It must be safe, have a competent money management.
Use a small percentage of your deposit in every transaction.
Not use the dangerous principle of the Martingale.
Have a unique ability to open and close trades, put stop losses.
Work with the trend.
It must be resistant to sudden changes in market conditions.
It must not be very sensitive to deviations from the optimal settings.
In addition, there must not be significant differences between backtesting results and real live market results. All these qualities are inherent in “Joker EA”.

Joker EA Review

Joker EA sells at the peak time of the market and buys during slack season of the market. Average frequency of trading is high. It trades at least once a day on an average. Sometimes it is possible that, not a single trade is possible for many days. The common indicators are ATR, Moving average and Bollinger Bands. These indicators work in synonymous with price analysis algorithm. Open prices are used only. It trades on M5. All the backtests must match and there should be no difference between a live account, demo account and a backtest. Some backtests belong to commercial robots. Live and demo trading was far from expectations. Some brokers don’t supply feeds of awesome quality. Their execution time is also very high.

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