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EZGenerator Description

EZGenerator is the first step for those who want to create and maintain a professional-quality website. Based on an impressive collection of over 2500 models and variations (each is customizable) and an intuitive guide, you’ll be creating professional websites in less than 15 minutes, ready to be sent via FTP tool for uploading (for any web host).

The software allows you to work with a new system for blogs: post quickly and interact with people or post and edit digital images. Extend your planning and communications to a new level with a practical calendar.

Attract subscribers content and send emails to your clients goals with the new news of your company / products. Conduct online research tool with Flash Poll. Give more power to your website with e-commerce solutions and accept payments via credit card and / or PayPal system EZGenerator is not just an ordinary HTML editor but a complete web package for a reduced price.

EZGenerator Review

EZGenerator is a website builder software that provides efficient and affordable method to do so very quickly. It has tools for creating a website graphical skills or technological/HTML knowledge and many extra features such as BLOG, Calendar, e-Commerce, Guestbook, impressive image slideshows, PodCast, Counters needed, EZ generator is an efficient solution to overcome all these problem.

It works based on the principle of “What You See Is What You Get” WYSIWYG. In fact, it doesn’t require any technical skill and websites can be launched anywhere easily without monthly hosting charges. So it is cost-effective. EZGenerator provides creative editing tools for digital images.

By using these tools, everyone can share digital images and pictures from mobile devices, digital cameras, etc., with friends and family, and put them online by using different and creative image slide shows. EZGenerator will automatically scale big unmanageable images to a web suitable format. It includes all of its features in a single package.

This program uses FTP setting for publishing the website on the Internet as well for uploading changes. While uploading, it determines which files need to upload. EZGenerator has an in-built counter, which is useful to measure the performance of websites. It keeps track of the website visitors.

It is user friendly and easy to learn

It does not provide optimal security

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