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FarStone DriveClone 9 Description

FarStone DriveClone 9 is designed for completely copy all files, applications and Windows system to another (same or bigger) Hard Drive/SSD/Flash, or easily clone your Hard Drive/SSD/Flash to different size SSD drive for better performance. DriveClone will automatically or manually adjust and resize partitions during cloning process.

FarStone DriveClone 9 Key Features

Clone Drive/Partition
Clone Drive/Partition duplicates one hard drive/Partition to another hard drive, external HDD, USB and SSD. It eliminates the need to re-install the operating system, drivers and applications, and enables you to upgrade a new hard drive with only a few mouse clicks.

Bootable Cloned Drive
Clone system partition or hard drive with system partition, cloned HDD, SSD or USB with system partition can be bootable immediately.

Smart Clone
DriveClone 9 adopts clone technology which can resize the orignal hard drive’s partition to match the new drive manually. You can set New Partition Size between the Maximum Partition Size and Minimum Partition Size according to your need. With a few mouse clicks, clone hard drive or partition to another hard drive, external HDD, USB or SSD.

FarStone DriveClone 9 Review

DriveClone is an easy to use application which copies all files, including applications, settings and disk partition information from one original hard drive to a SSD or another hard drive.

User can immediately use the cloned SSD or HDD to boot PC system and use applications as a complete replacement, making the transition & migration from old HDD/SSD to new SSD/HDD simple, fast and easy.

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