FarStone Total Backup Recovery 9 Server

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FarStone Total Backup Recovery 9 Server Description

FarStone Total Backup Recovery 9 Server is a powerful, all-in-one, centrally managed data backup and hard disk imaging application that provides local and network features for users.

The user can independently manage every computer on the network with Total Backup Recovery. It can create a complete disk image of a hard drive and a single hard drive partition and store it on a local computer, network share and even on an FTP server. The image can be used for backup & recovery and – quickly transfers all information from a server’s hard drive to a new hard drive. The image file can also be compressed and distributed across multiple hard drives or partitions.

Total Backup Recovery’s compressed image file contains all of the hard drivedata files, partition information, and security settings by copying only the used data blocks – this keeps the size of the image to a minimum. The complete disk image can be updated quickly with incremental backups; theses incremental backups contain only the hard drive changes that occurred since execution of the complete backup, or since the last incremental backup.

This offers the administrator an easy and reliable way to keep the system backup data current, by storing the images on an external USB hard drive, or on a network share. The administrator is then able to quickly recover from any type of data disaster, including data corruption or a hard drive failure.

FarStone Total Backup Recovery 9 Server Key Features

Enhanced Scheduler
Whenever you want to back your important data up, Enhanced Scheduler would set a customization.
Support ReFS
Support FAT 32, NTFS and the latest REFS of Windows 2012.
VHD format support
Support convert backup image to VHD format, running on Microsoft virtual machine softwares like Hyper-V, Virtual PC.
Domain Controller support
Backup all kinds of servers, including Exchange Server, SQL and Oracle Server. Support backup and restore Windows systems in domain environment.
Data Shredding
Shred everything on a disk with military US DoD 5220.22-M compliant shredder.
Free Dissimilar Restore
Restores a complete system image of a particular configuration to a different hardware configuration system or a Virtual Machine.
Complete, Incremental & Differential Backup
The combination of more backup types makes sure back up quicker and safer
UEFI-based system support
Support UEFI-based backup and restore. Restore BIOS-based systems to UEFI-based systems.
GPT disk support
Support GPT disk format, break the limitation of 2TB for a single volume.
Password Recovery
If you forgot Windows login password, use this tool to remove your password to enter Windows system, then set a password again.
Hot/Cold Imaging
Whether you are online or off-line, Total Backup Recovery 8 provides you kinds of ways to backup and restore your data, to protect your computer comprehensively.
Enhanced RAID Support
Adopt 64 bit PE, so support more drivers. Improve the stability for backup and restore your computer in Recovery Manager(PE).

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