FarStone Total Backup Recovery 9 Workstation

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FarStone Total Backup Recovery 9 Workstation Description

FarStone Total Backup Recovery 9 Workstation is a powerful, all-in-one, centrally managed data backup and hard disk imaging application that provides local and network features for users.

The user can independently manage every computer on the network with Total Backup Recovery. It can create a complete disk image of a hard drive and a single hard drive partition and store it on a local computer, network share and even on an FTP server. The image can be used for backup & recovery and – quickly transfers all information from a server’s hard drive to a new hard drive. The image file can also be compressed and distributed across multiple hard drives or partitions.

The software includes two components: the Administrating Console and the Client Module.
The Administrating Console – This centralized console enables users to manage all of the clients in the network.
The Client Module– This module is installed on the client systems to allow management via the Administrating Console; this can also operate all powerful features locally.

FarStone Total Backup Recovery 9 Workstation Key Features

Total Backup Recovery Suite backup features includes:

Hard Drive Imaging: Backs up and restores a system with a complete copy of all files, installed software, partition information, and system settings.
Incremental Backup: A backup that stores changes to the data against the latest backup.
File Backup: Manually or automatically backs up selected file/folder, file extension, etc.
Dissimilar Restore: Restores a complete system image of a particular configuration to a different hardware configuration system or a Virtual Machine.
Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) Support: Boot and recover any system from PXE server without needing a Bootable Rescue Disk.
Complete External Backup: Store a complete system image on a USB hard drive, or on a network share.
Easy Disk Image Updates: Incremental Backup allows you to quickly update your saved disk image without leaving Windows.
Flexible Backup: Back up your client’s hard drive to another local hard drive, network drive, or an USB device.
Rapid, Controlled Recovery: Rebuild system via Complete Restore in minutes, not hours or days.
Partition Support: Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS and other unknown partitions.
Hardware Support: Supports IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI/RAID, GPT hard drives and Dynamic hard drive.

FarStone Total Backup Recovery 9 Workstation Sceenshot

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