FarStone VirtualDrive Network 15

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FarStone VirtualDrive Network 15 Description

VirtualDrive Network (VDN) from FarStone Technology Inc., includes the VDN Server, VDN Console and VDN Client programs. VCDs created using the VDN Console program can be stored on your network and run on Client PCs or Workstations using the VDN Client program.

The VDN Console can turn your CDs into VCDs that will run on the VDN Client just like if it were in a physical CD drive.

You can create up to 23 Virtual CD/DVD Drives that are accessible through Windows Explorer just like a regular physical CD/DVD Drive. You no longer need to change CDs by hand, deal with the hassle of trying to find them, and keeping them clean and working.

FarStone VirtualDrive Network 15 Key Features

1. Runs applications without CD-ROM:
Select and insert a VCD into the VirtualDrive and the VCD appears as though a CD is actually in a physical CD drive.
2. Supports most disc formats, including:
CD-ROM, Audio CD, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, Video CD, Mixed-Mode CD, Multi-Session CD, CD-Extra, CD-Text, BD and Photo CD.
3. Automatically recognize CD format
VirtualDrive can distinguish the type and format of the CD it is compressing, and run the correct program.
4. Faster than a 200X CD-ROM drive:Run CDs directly from the hard drive with incredible 200X speed. (with Ultra DMA drives)
5. 1000 Virtual Jukeboxes:
VirtualDrive Network supports up to 1000 Virtual CD Jukeboxes (CD folders), with each folder able to hold an unlimited number of CDs.
6. Burn your VCDs onto a recordable disc
VirtualDrive combines the functions of CD/DVD/BD emulation software with CD/DVD/BD burning capabilities. It allows users to copy CD/DVD/BD images from the hard disk to a recordable medium.
7. Easy Management:The Console creates and configures the VirtualDrive Network. Changes affect clients instantly. Clients have no need to worry about the details. VirtualDrive doesnt copy hundreds of thousands of files from the CD. Rather, it actually creates a CD image file on the hard drive. Only this image file needs to be created or removed.
8. 100% compatible:
VirtualDrive is completely compatible with all types of CD applications. Some CD applications only run (lock) from a physical CD drive. These applications will not run from a mapped network drive, like a drive mapped to your server CD drive (or Jukebox). VDN supports all such CD applications.

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