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FileStream Image Broadway Description

FileStream Image Broadway meets we could call the two main qualities in a graphics editing program: a variety of tools that you will never want for anything , and easy enough to use that you will not feel lost.

With this application you can create both zero and edit images in popular formats (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, DIB, TIF, TGA and more). It features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate the directory structure of your PC and gives you access to all functions of the program through a full toolbar.

Among these functions, you have editing commands (select, cut, paste , zoom, etc..), Drawing tools (brush, pencil, filling color, color picker, eraser, etc..) And others as a utility mapped image creation, a tool for automatic optimization of photos and a wide variety of filters and special effects.

In short, a surprisingly powerful editor that is also not difficult to use.

FileStream Image Broadway Key Features

Correct your pictures:
The editing tools give you high quality results with interactive touches, red-eye correction one-click repair and depth of field growing areas.

Sets the color of your image:
Corrections color and tonal adjustments allow you to analyze the color balance, help you with the perceptual evaluation capabilities and provide you automatic correction and improvement.
Straighten your images with tools to crop, rotate, scale and put into perspective, allowing you to select an object and align quickly with on-screen guides and measurements.
Make button images , logos and 3D rendering tools that let you enhance your images with perspective views.
Make collages and panoramas with filters , transparency and compositing tools and expand your creative mind.
Easily manage your images with thumbnail galleries side by side and working windows. Start working on your images with just one click.
Reduce the file sizes of image optimization tools. The technology to reduce image file using advanced image processing sizes up to 90 % while maintaining vibrant colors.

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FileStream Image Broadway