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FileStream TurboBackup Description

FileStream TurboBackup is a simple tool which allows you to make backups of the most important elements of your PC.

These elements are the favorites of Internet, the Outlook address book, photos, music and documents, and the main settings of the system. Everything is compressed and password protected.

The program includes automated attendants to easily perform backup and then retrieve it when needed, and also allows you to program to make copies every certain period of time, and perform full or incremental backups (adding only files that have changed ).

Other interesting options are the ability to preview files within a file backup, keep a record of copies made and create self-extracting copies to make it more comfortable retrieve.

FileStream TurboBackup Key Features

Backup and restoration of the hard disk, USB removable drive
Backup mastering CD / DVD File System and Live View
Backup online FileStream or your own FTP server
Compress backup formats or copy files and folders
Backup system state and locked files
Schedule backup and silent unattended backup
Restoration of the full version, and partial anterior
Prepare the backup wizard to resize space requirement
Customizable templates for fast backup and easy
Create and repair backup and backup catalogs
Backup Notification by email and detailed records

FileStream TurboBackup Review

The task of making a backup with a certain periodicity (the optimal frequency varies from user to user , but every three months is a good parameter) is of paramount importance to prevent future problems arising from problems of software or hardware that can occur when you least expect it.

Therefore, the operation of the Turbo Backup is a valid and very practical idea , but it can facilitate the user’s life. However, unless you use the program in a company or university, is the fact justifiable little need to purchase a license for something you use infrequently.

For those willing to pay for a tool that can make the work more comfortable, even if it is done less than once a month , the proposal is valid . Otherwise worth only as a curiosity to test.

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FileStream TurboBackup