FlipBook Creator for HTML5

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FlipBook Creator for HTML5 Description

FlipBook Creator for HTML5 is a fast application for HTML5 PDF page turning. You can edit the flash flip book with built-in hundreds of easy & accurate options in time in comparison of the immediate pattern displayed in the preview window. The introduction of HTML5 technology means that your flipping publications are easily readable on almost any devices, ranging from iPhone, Android, to iPad, tablets, even e-readers. The built-in templates are free for all use for your personal or commercial projects. It is a full program provides comprehensive solutions for HTML5 flipping book cross-browsers-compatible and modern promotion and event marketing.

FlipBook Creator for HTML5 Key Features

User-Friendly API (Application Programm Interface)
FlipBook Creator for HTML5 , is incredibly simple – yet incredibly powerful.
Settings are intuitive but allow complete control over all aspects of your Flip Book.

Real-time Preview
You would like to preview the editing HTML5 flipbook before it is generated by FlipBook Creator for HTML5 and publish. The built-in preview dialog box react the changes in real time as immediate reference for the later modification. FlipBook Creator for HTML5 lets you see your changes in real time. You can adjust background and button colors, hide buttons, change logos, control how zooming works, and much, much more!

Free Templates
Open templates built-in offer fast solutions for match the look & feel of your PDF rapidly. All the templates are preconfigured with background, certain modules, and pre-built functions. With graphic program FlipBook Creator for HTML5, you would get a wonderful way to quicken our pace of creating flippingbook compatible HTML5.

HTML5 live on almost all the browser
If you are a web designer, you much would have been familiar with the problem of Cross-Brower-Compatible. Each browser interprets your webpage code in a slightly different manner. It sounds like terrible! The modern HTML5 Web standard will get your trouble off. The HTML5 flipping books can live on almost all the browsers you could get approach to, ranging from Google Chrome, Safri, to Opera, FireFox, etc.

Support 3 ways to “Flip” pages
Your users will be able to turn pages 3 ways:
Drag the page corner to turn the page.
Turn pages by using Previous and Next buttons.
Move from page to page by using Thumbnails.

Support flipbook reading Online or Offline
The 2 output types
FlipBook Creator for HTML5 allows you to create and publish the Flip Book in the alternative way .
HTML5: Which can be uploaded to a server as webpage for browsing (viewed within definite VPN.)
ZIP file: Which can be shared via email.
Share instantly via all of the major social networks.

FlipBook Creator for HTML5 Sceenshot

FlipBook Creator for HTML5