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Focusky Enterprise Version Description

Focusky is an application designed to help even beginners in video editing area to create outstanding quality of presentations. To this end, the program includes a vast “arsenal” of tools, which include everything you might need to make a simple slide show a video entitled to special effects and everything you would find in a professional project.

To use Focusky efficiently enough to have a minimum knowledge in the use of good old Powerpoint. That’s because this software works largely based on adding objects and tools directly to the presentation; likewise, so it selects an item and drag it to where you want to make a change and repeat the process for each newly created frame.

You do not know anything about it? Do not worry: from the beginning, the program has taught step by step each part of the process as well as the function of the main tools. Just follow the tips brought by him and start doing your project by adding images, text, music, videos, animations and effects.

Focusky Enterprise Review

In general, Focusky is a very relevant program. Right from the start, its very well designed interface shows that this is a quality software: besides offering a visual with modern, clean and organized design, he does everything to always be as intuitive as possible, either with tools with self-explanatory functions or with a step by step explanation of each item.

Another very positive point of the program is its lightness. In our tests, even a high performance computer had no problem to run and execute the presentations, be they with few files or ten videos running. That alone is more than enough for many praise the software.

Interestingly, the biggest highlight of Focusky is not the result of its efficiency or interface, but of his own videotutoriais library. Thanks to this, learn to use even the most complex functions of the program becomes a very easy task – and the examples he offers also help a lot to have ideas about how to prepare a presentation with it.

Despite the positives, it should be noted a huge weakness on the part of the application: it depends largely from external files. However inclusive it is, it is not a design software or offers incredibly complex effects tools; soon, it will still depend on other such programs to create the material of your presentation.

This can even be a problem for some, but the fact is that the purpose of Focusky has never been this; instead of that, we try to offer an authoring tool which is, above all, easy to learn to use. And this it does very well. If you are those who are taking their first steps in creating presentation slides, the Focusky will definitely help.

Elegant interface
Easy to use
Tools are explained step by step user
Extremely light
It has a number of examples and video tutorials to teach you

It does not replace all necessary tools to create a presentation

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Focusky Enterprise