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Folx PRO – Personal License Description




Folx PRO – Personal License $19.95 Only $14.96 Get It Now!
Folx PRO Family Pack (for 3 Macs) $39.95 Only $29.96 Get It Now!

Folx is a complete download manager for Mac OS X that lets you organize multiple file downloads without worrying about connection drops.

Of course with Folx can pause downloads and resume them anytime. But also allows downloading files via BitTorrent network, easily and from the main window.

Folx is in the details. You will speed up and down in the dock as well as a small icon with the percentage of download and one in the menu bar with the main options.

Folx PRO Key Features

1 Split the downloads in up to ten threads
2 Scheduling of downloads
3 Search for torrents directly from the application
4 iTunes integration
5 Smart Speed Adjustment
6 Automatic download of files from RSS feeds
7 Control time and speed of your downloads
8 Easy to use Torrent client
9 Possibility to limit maximum upload rate for specific torrents or globally
10 High download speed
11 Auto-resuming file transfer
12 Set the priorities for downloads
13 Automatic capture of download links
14 Smart tag and folder technology to manage downloads
15 Automatic tags assignment to download tasks
16 Smart groups creation
17 RSS subscription directly from Folx interface
18 Growl integration
19 Spotlight integration
20 Detailed log info to check the download process
21 All popular Mac OS browsers integration
22 Handy Status window – quick access to downloads
23 Split the downloads in two threads
24 Folx can be running in the background after launch

Folx PRO Review

Folx is a very advanced download manager and torrent client. It allows you to download files from the Internet in different ways and with different features that make the task easier and faster. There is a paid version of this app, and a free one. The paid version has a few interesting features that make it worth it. For example, it can find torrents from within the application and it can accelerate web downloads by connecting to the host website up to ten times. It also has a few automatic speed management features that the free version lacks.

When you click on a download link for a file on the Net, Folx should pick it up and add a new downloading task for you. Or you can do this manually and simply paste the URL. There is support for tags, which should make it easy for you to organize your downloads.

When a download is active, torrent or otherwise, the download speed will be shown on the dock icon.

In terms of performance, Folx seemed to work alright. I can’t say for sure whether speed acceleration really works. That is something that you will have to try for yourself. The rest of the features that I tried seemed to work well.

Lots of features, especially in the PRO version.
It seems to work well.

Some parts of the GUI were slow.

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Folx PRO