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FonePaw iOS Transfer Description




FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery (Windows) $39.95 Only $23.97 Get It Now!
FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery (Mac) $39.95 Only $23.97 Get It Now!

FonePaw iOS Transfer is a program that suits you backup and transfer data from your Apple mobile devices.

With it, you can view the content on this unit, as well as to the export of items to the computer or to another product of the company apple.

Thus, you will no longer suffer from loss of items if any unforeseen because your photos, music, videos, books, contacts and SMS can be saved through a backup. This is a trial version of the application and it has several limitations on the number of items that can be transferred.

FonePaw iOS Transfer Review

FonePaw iOS Transfer is primarily a program for those who want to manage the content on your mobile device directly on your computer screen. It is only compatible with Apple products, including iPhones, iPods and iPads and offering full support the latest versions of the Apple company system.

The program’s interface has a cleaner look, adopting a system of light colors – which means that their use does not become tiring to view. In addition, the screen is completely organized in tabs, making it very easy time to find any of the tools available in the application.

In general, the functions also have simple to use and very intuitive systems, based on choosing items on the screen or just set some parameters, making even beginners do not have major difficulties in carrying out the tasks.

Connection to the device was easy, since the identification was almost immediate. But for that to happen, it is very important to note that there are a number of prerequisites that must be already ready. It is essential, for example, that iTunes is installed because it is the method used to identify your device.

In addition, it is also important that the driver for your machine is present on the machine and the computer in question has been marked as trusted on the device.

Perfect operation
With regard to the functions offered, the management of the items took place correctly, no errors or problems. Similarly, backups were performed as expected and in a short period of time even in the case of file size slightly larger. However, be aware of the limitations of the trial version of the program, because it restricts the transmitted material.

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FonePaw iOS Transfer