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Forex Thor II Description

Forex Thor II is the result of many months’ scientific studies and research of the foreign exchange market and available resources. Unlike other trading systems, which are typically based on technical indicators, the Thor trading system uses truly revolutionary trading algorithms. At the same time, it is very easy to use and installed with just a few clicks.

However, as the Thor trading system is much more than a usual expert adviser, please take a few minutes to read the user manual careful. In case you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact my support team at any time.

Forex Thor II Features and Benefits

Voice Guide
The voice feature is my personal favorite, and we received lots of positive feedback for it. The built in voice guide welcomes you, assists you during the setup process and informs you about everything what is going on right now on your trading account. I am sure you will love it.

Auto Correction of incorrect inputs
Sometimes everybody makes some mistakes. That is quite normal and happens even to the most careful person. The problem is that in trading small mistakes can lead to large losses. Example: instead 2 percent risk you type in 20. The result would be unacceptably high risk per trade, what could lead to a serous DD.

Fortunately, with the Thor trading
system, it cannot happen! Whenever you change the input parameters, it will check compatibility, will correct small mistakes automatically and notify you, in case they appear to be set up by mistake. That helps to ensure you use the Thor trading system with correct settings.

High Spread Protection
Sad fact is that many brokers are not so honest as they should be and love a rigged game. Widening spreads during certain periods is one of the most popular tricks and can cost us, traders, a lot of money. Thor monitors the spread continuously and in case the spread goes above the allowed maximum value it disables trading temporarily until the spread goes back to normal. As the result you never need to be worry that Thor places a trade when the spread is unacceptably high.

High Slippage Protection
Many fellow traders think slippage is something they need to live with and that there is not much they can do against. Fortunately, that is not true. In fact, there are a lot of things we forex traders can do to get rid of slippage. An optimized trading environment in combination with the built-in slippage protection works very effective and guarantees that no trades will be executed with unacceptable high slippage.

Flexible Stops
“Flexible stops” is a unique and very powerful feature. Depending on the market conditions the Thor trading system adapts stops levels automatically. It ensures stops are placed as close as possible without being too close. The benefit for the trader is that profits are as high as possible while it decreases draw downs to the lowest possible minimum.

100% invisible to the eyes of Brokers
As already mentioned, not all brokers are “angels” and try to take action against profitable expert advisors. To make sure brokers cannot do this, we made the Thor system invisible for brokers. When you set the magic number to 0 and add no order comments, all trades will appear as manually placed trades to the broker, which means the broker will not know that the trades are placed by the Thor system and will think you place the trades manually.

Built in money management
Managing risk exposure smart is essential for every successful trader. That’s why the Thor trading system comes with built-in money management. It manages risk and trade size according to your setup and available free margin. So far, that is nothing too special. In fact, most automated trading system comes with built-in money management.
However, the money management from Thor goes far beyond usual money management. Not only does it calculate lot sizes and place trades accordingly, but also it manages them dynamically and monitors free margin levels to ensure you never have to deal with major draw downs.

Forex Thor II Sceenshot

Forex Thor II Screenshot