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FX-Agency Advisor 2 Description

With the FX-Agency Advisor 2, not only does it tell you exactly the price when to enter the trade, and give you a stop-loss and take profit but it gives you 2 entries in one! And most of the time they are very close in distance. This will almost guarantee a definite trade because the market HAS to move in either direction. For you it should be making pips in either way. And to drive our percentage of winning up to 85%, we have integrated a special “trend\price action FX-Agency Recommendation” signal so it will give you the recommended trade based on the price action and trend of the market, so you will only trade in the direction as the market is going. If you wish you CAN trade against the trend if you are scalping very small pips and ONLY if the trigger the advisor gives you has been clearly met. We have traded against the trend many times and only aim for small pips though.

After requests from some of our traders, we have greatly improved the FX-Agency Advisor which took a lot of hard work and time but now it is finally released. The new FX-Agency Advisor II is on a totally different level than anything on Metatrader 4, E-Signal, Tradestation etc. It is so different than any one of our previous series, that we even made a new template as you can see to show that our systems are NOT the same especially this one. All our systems make money. The WAYS they do are all different. Some are easier and more convenient to people than our other systems but that’s about it. Its all about style and what you feel will make you successful. The experience on this is unmatched and NOTHING is more easier than this when it comes to manual trading. EA’s are easy, but when it comes to profit consistency , its only a matter of time until it wipes your account out. The successful traders that are veterans all use manual trading. But this one is no ordinary trading system. With most systems you have to look at charts, find crossovers, flip through time frames and much more processes which can take up a lot of our time. They also require experience because many times even those fail if the trader is not experienced.

FX-Agency Advisor 2 Key Features
Monitor ALL currency pairs and await signals for them, on ONE opened chart!
Audio Alert Window Popup Box included!
Adding Currency Pairs And Stocks And More of Your Choice!
Taking Your Profits!

FX-Agency Advisor 2 NEW & IMPROVED
Able to monitor multiple currency pairs on single chart!
Usable with all currency pairs, stocks, metals etc
Effective on all time frames
Audio Alert window integration
Highly user friendly
100% price action signals
Multilingual Customer Support available 24/5 in 12 languages
Templates included with preset optimal settings

FX-Agency Advisor 2 Sceenshot

FX-Agency Advisor 2 Screenshot