G Data InternetSecurity 2013

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G Data InternetSecurity 2013 Description

G Data InternetSecurity 2013 is an application to ensure complete safety of your computer while you surf the internet.

With features antivirus, firewall and various types of real-time protection, the application can be integrated solution which you had on your personal computer.

A few years ago, the applications to perform computer security were always divided into firewalls, antivirus and antispyware. Thinking about the convenience of the people, most major developers focused their efforts on integrating all these features into a single application, as with the G Data InternetSecurity 2013.

G Data InternetSecurity 2013 Key Features

Instant protection when surfing: G Data Web Cloud blocks dangerous websites
Instant protection when mailing: G Data Mail Cloud blocks virus outbreaks immediately
Instant protection for Online-Banking: BankGuard protects against dangerous Banking-Trojans
Instant protection through behavior checking: recognizes suspicious behavior of new viruses
Optimal virus detection using a combination of two virus scanning engines
Light on resources due to fingerprinting and idle scan running when you take a break
Protection against hacking: silent firewall protects without annoying queries
No spam – annoying spam is blocked automatically
Parental control prevents access to undesirable web sites
Including AntiVirus for Android™ smartphones

G Data InternetSecurity 2013 Review

G Data InternetSecurity 2013 provides an alternative for those who need integrated security solutions. One of the advantages present in the program is the fact that the real-time protection not only against viruses. She is also extended to other functions, which ensures a quieter internet browsing.

The interface is very modern and pleasant as is well categorized, making it easy to look for the resources available. The analysis of computer viruses has several options for you to decide which is the correct type of verification for every occasion, which can lead to an optimization of their time regarding the procedure.

Another positive point is that you can use your computer normally while a scan is in progress, since it is not extremely slow or locking up. The fact that the real-time shields are activated also not interfere with the operation of the machine, which avoids deactivations be necessary to use a more heavy.

Intuitive interface
Visual cute
Various tools
Verification relatively fast

Only 30 days of use
Requires registration to update

G Data InternetSecurity 2013 Sceenshot

G Data InternetSecurity 2013 Screenshot