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G-Lock EasyMail7 Description

G-Lock EasyMail is a freeware app filed under email software and made available by GLock Software for Windows. With this program you can manage newsletters and send personalized messages in text or HTML for all users of your list. The program also allows you to manage e-mail registration / unsubscribe from the newsletter, e-mails returned and etc.

G-Lock EasyMail7 Key Features

Keeps groups, recipients and messages in house
Does not expose your email addresses to other recipients
Works directly from your Windows PC
SMTP-free delivery
Works with your existing ISP mail settings
Compatible with Amazon SES
Email Throttling
Integration with G-Lock Analytics email tracking service
Pro-balance option (available in the Business edition only)
Integration with external databases (available in the Business edition only)
Import and export of the contact information
Fast “Load” option for large email lists
Bounced email processing (available in the Business edition only)
Email list filtering based on your criteria
Unique exclusion lists for groups and databases
Master exclusion list
Email campaign scheduler (available in the Business edition only)
Full HTML support
Import and export of email messages
Built-in professionally designed HTML email templates
Easy email personalization
Message preview

G-Lock EasyMail7 Review

G-Lock EasyMail is a competent and attractive bulk email application, which will suit beginners and professionals alike.

G-Lock EasyMail is a bulk email sending app, ideal for marketing campaigns or anyone who has to send out multiple mails to specific email lists.

Tha application comes with its own Address Book, where as well as adding contacts you can create groups for your different bulk emailing needs. There is also an exclusion list included, where you can add any addresses you have that you definitely don’t want to include in bulk mail.

The interface resembles MS Word’s. On the top part of the window, you can find the same large blue toolbar with options organized in tabs. This helps making the program somehow more familiar. But just as MS Word, you will have a lot of tools at your disposal and you’ll only use a few of them. The ones you will use, however, are quite useful. EasyMail lets you add an unlimited number of contacts and groups, import an HTML mail you’ve created in another program, and many more. You can find a sent manager for more details on your deliveries, a bounce manager which helps you keep track of your list and prevent your IP from being blacklisted. A delivery monitor will show you a more detailed view on your sent items. An interesting feature of G-Lock, incorporated in EasyMail is G-Lock Analytics. This is a tracking tool that shows you who opened your sent mails, clicked on links, forwarded them and so on. The downside is that this service is charged separately from the main package.

One of the most powerful and fast tools in the e-mail marketing area today is the G-Lock EasyMail7. EasyMail was developed to help people run and manage mailing lists, newsletters, announcement lists and customer updates. The main utility of this program is that it can help its users to run their own e-mail marketing campaign by sending bulk e-mails. G-Lock has lots of surprises for its users. Despite the fact that it is really good in its area, what it makes it special is its tools and functionality.

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G-Lock EasyMail7