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Gammadyne Mailer Description

Gammadyne Mailer is a reliable tool that can be used to automate the marketing approach for your business email. You can send send personalized email campaigns as well as process virtually any type of incoming email, including submissions, rejections and returns.

The mailing list can be in a database, CSV or plain text file and there is a complete set of management tools from the list. Advanced SMTP Mailer Gammadyne engine supports multitasking, load balancing, HTML, mail merge, recipient filtering, limits and more.

Other functions include monitoring, autoresponder, forwarding, list services and followers. But perhaps its best quality is its solid design . You can run indefinitely without crashing or exhaust system resources.

For over 12 years, Gammadyne Mailer has been used for more difficult tasks as sending email. No effort of email marketing should be done without your support. Gammadyne Mailer is an application that helps you send personalized email campaigns.

Gammadyne Mailer Key Features

Shipping Motor advanced mail
Automated processing of incoming mail
List Management
Keep openings and clicks of a campaign
Integration database
HTML email with graphics
Server List
Post Preview
Custom attachments
direct delivery
Data Extraction
dynamic interfaces
Command Line Control
No subscription fees
Address Book Integration
Works with all SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 servers

Gammadyne Mailer Review

This is a powerful automation tool that will help you mail in the control and management of mailing lists and send mass e-mail messages.

Gammadyne Mailer can send personalized messages to a list of recipients, and automatically process the answers, emails returned and the different user actions like joining or unsubscribe.

You can create messages in HTML format and include graphs, make use of a database simultaneously send multiple attachments, etc..

Other options available in the program are the ability to preview the message before sending it, verify addresses and request read receipts.

Gammadyne Mailer Sceenshot

Gammadyne Mailer