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Many users rely on powerful Internet connections, to ensure better performance and speed during navigation. But inevitably, there are several files that will take more time to download. The problem is not with your connection, but with external factors such as speed limited by the server when the download is done, congestion and other files.

To solve this problem, users should refer to the download managers. GetRight is an alternative, as it provides a complete framework, can resume broken downloads (such as a sudden lack of power), look for alternative servers with better performance and maintains multiple simultaneous downloads and more.

GetRight Pro Key Features

GetRight can download not only from Web and FTP servers , but also downloads from BitTorrent .
It integrates with your web browser , so using GetRight as easy as clicking . You do not have to do anything special to make your downloads. Works with Internet Explorer , Firefox , Opera , Mozilla , Netscape , AOL and MSN.
The large files are no problem – download DVD sized files (many gigabytes).
Create a list of everything you need to download and set the order of the downloads to only the important files first drop.
Option to turn off the computer when the download finishes
The history GetRight allows you to easily find the files you downloaded.
You can set the time when GetRight should start the download to get the files , so you can do all the work in the middle of the night while you sleep.
GetRight includes several ways to browse a Web site and to quickly take many files.
If you listen to Podcasts, GetRight can automatically download those for you, even add files to a playlist in iTunes or Windows Media Player.
If you need to get the same files every day (like web log files ) GetRight program allows you to download files every day.
Your options let you make GetRight work how you want . Use categories to organize your downloads, or simply locate them in one place. Refine operation for many features , or simply download without changing anything. The choices are all yours.

GetRight Pro Review

GetRight Pro is a download manager that helps make it easier and more comfortable downloading files on the Internet.

Roughly GetRight provides recovery of files with errors during download , resumption of interrupted downloads and many other functions.

GetRight can resume downloads if errors that otherwise would lose the file is produced , search on the Internet different servers from which to download a file , proceed with download automatically, even changing to a different server if the original server is now occupied begin downloads at a specific time that you specify, hang up the modem and turn off the computer when you indicate or when they finish all downloads or even download files from the BitTorrent network.

GetRight supports Proxy , rate limiting , antivirus scanning and many more options servers.

GetRight is integrated with various browsers like Internet Explorer , Opera , Firefox … , so download a file with GetRight as easy as clicking from your favorite browser

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GetRight Pro