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GreenCloud Printer Pro Description

The GreenCloud Printer is an application that works as a kind of virtual printer. It assists in the print settings, including facilitating the management of the economy and providing pages of ink and paper. Additionally, you can also use it to send a document directly to GoogleDocs, Dropbox, Evernote and Minus.

Green Alternative

Every day, more people have become aware in the item preserve the environment. The GreenCloud Printer is an application that supports this idea, seeking to provide people with an economy shabby paper for printing ( through the management of occupied and alternative pages front and back).

In addition, the program can also bring great savings in ink, both by better utilization of a page as the level of quality of selected print. Once installed, the program is recognized by the system as a printer. To access the alternative of a document, including, you must have “print it” by GreenCloud Printer.

Optimizing Impressions

Each time you send a file to print, is subject to the settings provided by both the printer and the application in use for the document. This makes sure you always have a different way to set up a print , plus several advanced options that are not always easy to understand.

With GreenCloud Printer, regardless of their physical printer or the program in use, the choices are always the same and made ​​by the same software. It allows you to reassess the format of the document and select the best features for your printing. Moreover, you can avoid waste , because you can remove blank pages or have only lines of the header (or footer).

Grouping Pages

You can also group pages to print easily , and choose to use the front and back of the sheet. With the program, instead of printing , you can also send a document to GoogleDocs, Dropbox, Evernote or Minus. As another alternative, it also allows you to save a Word file, for example, in PDF format.

To use these services, you only need to configure their accounts in the program options. The functionality of saving as PDF and print , are provided in the form of button in the application. According to the developer, you can save up to 33 % using the ink GreenCloud Printer.

GreenCloud Printer Pro Key Features

The GreenCloud Printer is an application of excellent quality. Although he is limited with respect to paid version of the program (works up to 50 pages ), he can run the proposal very quickly , even for documents that come to ceiling proposed by the tool function.

The process of loading the file took little more than a minute to complete, and the conversion to PDF format. Moreover, the alternatives provided by the program are very visual, most available in shape, making it much easier time to find them on the screen.

Settings (such as group pages ) are made simply, with one or two clicks. Another advantage is that you configure how much ink you want to save, unlike most printers that only offer a high-quality print or a sketch (the result sometimes is almost impossible to read).

Friendly interface
Intuitive use
Functions in button shape


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GreenCloud Printer Pro