GSA Image Analyser

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GSA Image Analyser Description

GSA Image Analyser – Batch Edition (15% OFF)
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The GSA Image Analyser is a tool specially designed for the creation and analysis of 2D image objects. The objects can be identified on the basis of their specific colouration and be distinguished in this way from their environment. For an analysis the following automatic functions are provided:

GSA Image Analyser Key Features

number of identified objects
2D object area computation
object area ratio to total area (density)
determination of object length
counting of intersection points in a raster
visualization of colour distribution

Additional functions:
manual counting by marking areas
manual counting by image splitting
creation of images
image processing functions

GSA Image Analyser Review

GSA Image Analyser is a tool developed especially for the professional design world.

It is a practical application that you can analyze any static image to obtain data on distances and the actual color.

GSA Image Analyser is especially useful for 2D images as the program is able to recognize shapes and elements, in addition to calculating the distances between the various elements.

You can import images from various sources such as scanner, hard drive, microscope, etc..

GSA Image Analyser Sceenshot

GSA Image Analyser