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GSA Photo Manager Description

Convert multiple images at once is the main function of GSA Photo Manager, but not only that it brings. Exploring the best program you can work with dimensions, layers of colors, manage folders in which images should live, among other functions.

The interface of the program has too many buttons next to each other, but this amateur hides visual basic functions that are easier in this program.

With which images you want to work?
The first step is to add all the images to be manipulated gallery GSA. Simply click the “Add Images ” (add images ) button and select the folder where the files will come. In this demo version only 10 images can be worked at a time. In the paid version (which costs $29 ), the number is unlimited .

You can delete all the images in the list with the “Clear List” ( Clear List ) or change the order in which they appear with arrows up and down the left side of the program option. All images are check boxes to the left side for the user to select whether to work with all, with a few or only one.

Various editing options and filters
The GSA brings a nifty and essential option in the main image editors : it separates the images in layers of colors. The function allows you to choose only the nuances of green, red, or gray photo. There is also a folder called ” Rainbow”, which saturates the colors of the image and the negative.

Transforming images in batches
The main function of GSA is to convert the type of image file in batches. Just select them and use the “Save Image As” ( Save image as ) tab. The program then asks for a folder ” Output” (Exit ) to accommodate all converted images. This selection allows you to convert to JPG, BMP or PNG. Here there is also option to work with the dimensions of the images and even rename them as a group. The program asks if the user would like to keep or delete the original images in the process.

GSA Photo Manager Review

GSA Photo Manager is extremely useful because all its functions can be used in batches, but still carries a very amateur look: spread options without logic, encavalados buttons and a rather rudimentary visual make the program not be the most pleasant. To further complicate matters, the technical language accompanying the editing is not accessible for a novice user.

The program works more as a selection of several basic functions of different editors and managers images, but no deepens. It is possible, for example, apply a color filter, but do not play with the saturation or different shades and brushes. Convert the format of images in batch file is the function that saves and puts the group of managers truly useful images.

Converts images in batches.
Accompanies some editing images.
Works with three different file extensions (BMP, JPG and PNG).

Only allows editing of 10 images per lot in DEMO version.

GSA Photo Manager Sceenshot

GSA Photo Manager