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Novosoft Handy Backup is a family of award-winning solutions for home and business environments. It is a cross-platform utility built on client-server architecture that provides a reliable way to back up and restore any critical data, from common PC files to commercial database servers.

An intuitive interface makes protection and recovery procedures easy for users of all levels. To back up your data, you need to create a backup task, which is done with the help of a simple Wizard, as follows:

Select what you want to back up.
Select where you want to store the data.
Schedule the task.

Handy Backup Key Features

Manage your backup data via the classic-looking interface, requiring no special skills for using the software.
Ensure complete safety and availability of your saved data using any combination of modern storage media.
Appreciate a comfort with Handy Backup Standard Solution, creating and performing all the backup task types you need.
Software can automatically back up data of MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and any other database, as well as the message base of the MS Exchange.
You can back up your web apps and web content freely with Handy Backup, using FTP/SFTP/FTPS protocols for remote servers, or back up server data locally.
Handy Backup is capable to save the perfect image of any server, physical or virtual. It supports any type of virtual server engine, including Hyper-V, VirtualBox and VMware.

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Novosoft Handy Backup