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Handy Recovery Description

If you accidentally deleted a file, do not worry, with Handy Recovery can even recover, whether you’ve deleted from your hard drive as if you’ve deleted from a memory card.

Handy Recovery is easy to use, just select the drive or card that you want to analyze and see how they appear deleted files. Select the ones you want to recover and go.

It has a utility to search for a particular file, preview files and a filter to retrieve specific files formats.

As with any data recovery program, it is recommended that another hard disk recover different from what you are analyzing.

Handy Recovery Key Features

NTFS/NTFS 5 + EFS, FAT 12/16/32, HFS/HFS+ file systems support
Handy Recovery supports all MS Windows file systems for hard and floppy drives, including modern versions of NTFS used in Windows XP. It can recover compressed and encrypted files on NTFS drives.

In-depth disk scanning for certain file types
The information about each file on the disk is stored in a file record. When a file is deleted usually its file record is not destroyed immediately, so typical recovery software can use it to restore the file. However in some cases the file record can be deleted too. In this case Handy Recovery can perform in-depth disk scanning and try to find such files.

Option to create disk images for deferred recovery
You can create an exact image of a logical drive and save it to a special file on another drive. Later you will be able to open this image and recover files from it.

Preview window to show the content of deleted files
You can preview the content of a file before recovering it. This is especially useful if you want to find a file among many similar files appeared after the extended analysis, because in this case file names are missed.

Shows probability of successful recovery for each file
Handy recovery estimates chances of successful recovery for each deleted file. If chances are small, you will probably recover the file only partially. In this case some parts of the file can contain incorrect data.

Recovers files from deleted and formatted partitions
If you quick format a partition, Handy Recovery still tries to show files that were on it before formatting. If a file record was not completely overwritten with a new one, you will see the file in the list and will be able to recover it. You can also search for deleted partitions on the disk and recover files from them.

File filtering by name, mask, date and size
You can search for deleted files on a disk by filename or mask. You can also filter the content of a disk by name, mask, date and size and see only required files.

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