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Hard Disk Sentinel PROFESSIONAL Description




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Hard Disk Sentinel monitors the status, health and performance of your hard rĂ­gdo, including temperature and SMART values (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology – a gift in most current drives which includes analysis, monitoring and reporting on the system disk).

The software can alert if a fault occurs on the hard drive or if the temperature rises too much. It also measures the speed of data transfer in real time, great feature to detect potential failures and avoid degradation of performance.

Hard Disk Sentinel Key Features

Displaying disk and partition information
Support IDE/SATA/SCSI/SAS/USB drives
Display status on tray, disk icons, sidebar
Run as Application or Service
Hardware disk tests
Hard disk seek time, stress tests
XML export, API for developers
Information by web browser
Customizable interface and reports
Backup and restore configuration, statistics
Password protection
Wide range of alerts (e-mail, sound, message, etc.)
Daily status reports
Clock synchronization with atomic clock
Hot keys to reach features
SMART parameter offset calibration
Surface check
Complete surface analysis, refresh, reinitialise
Industry-standard data destruction
Portable version (no installation required)
Perform scheduled backup projects
Panic backup – backup upon failure or problem
Burn data to CD/DVD by NERO
Compress files by WinRAR or 7-ZIP
Export registry sections
Transfer files by FTP or e-mail
Scheduled hardware disk tests
Remote monitoring over network
Remote disk management (tests, acoustics)
Remote disk and system information
Global and individual logs for remote systems

Hard Disk Sentinel Review

As the main store your data, the hard drive is one of the components that require further attention. Luckily, Hard Disk Sentinel offers a number of utilities that help you improve your performance.

Although not common, vibrations, heat or typing errors can adversely affect this unit. With its modules monitoring and notifications, Hard Disk Sentinel ensures detect these incidents at the time.

The main objective is to test Hard Disk Sentinel, diagnose and repair any problem you may have your hard drive. However, it also has tools for measuring the benchmark read and write your unit, comparing it to your average model in their database.

Many utilities Hard Disk Sentinel to help your hard drive and, thanks to it always runs in the background without consuming little resources, you always have on hand.

Crowd utility measurement
Notifications and alerts disk hazard
Runs in the background with few resources

No advanced scheduling options

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Hard Disk Sentinel