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Hulbee Desktop Professional Description

With the huge amount of data, files and documents you store on your computer, a search engine it is necessary to find anything by name. Hulbee Desktop is a Desktop search, searching an alternative to Windows that offers very interesting features.

For starters, Hulbee Desktop automatically indexes all content of the disc, or if you have multiple disks. At any time you can check the status of indexing.

From the main window Hulbee Desktop, you can search by keyword or filter by file type (document, email, image, audio, video, files, folders and others). Hulbee Desktop also has a keyword cloud.

When looking for something, the results appear immediately. You can filter the results by date ( today, yesterday, this week, this month, this year ) and size (small, medium, large, very large).

Hulbee Desktop integrates the Windows context menu so you can perform common actions, such as opening the file, copy it or email it. But the best is the most common formats that can be viewed from Hulbee Desktop : videos, songs, pictures or PDF documents are previewed to view comfortably.

There are three ways to view files with Hulbee Desktop: as a list, with preview and collage. The first is the quickest way to see the indexed files. In the preview you will see its contents. The collage is more showy than useful.

Hulbee Desktop Professional Review

Desktop Hulbee is a good program to make more precise searches. It is even more useful for those using Windows, as these versions offered only simple searches. Even if you use a more recent version of Microsoft OS , the application can help to bring results faster.

Although the difference in search time is not very large with respect to the indexed Windows Search with the application of filters it can certainly be perceived. The application interface is well organized , eliminating the various menus and advanced settings. Still, you can choose the degree of indexation to be used by the program.

The results can be viewed in three ways and preview helps to know if that is exactly the document you are looking for. One problem is that the application of internet search does not offer any differential to make it in the browser ( instead , you run the risk of receiving less results ).

But although this is bad, not enough to be a hindrance to the use aiming to find items that are present on the machine.

automatic indexing
Filtering by file type, size and date
Preview videos, images and documents
Cloud of Names

No shortcuts

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Hulbee Desktop Professional