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Icecream PDF Converter PRO Description

Icecream PDF Converter is a free software for converting PDF files. With it, you will be able to transform DOC, EPUB, JPG and more. In addition, the tool has a combination system that allows you to join several PDFs into one.

If needed, you can also do the reverse process, ie convert PDF to TIFF, JPG, BMP, EPS, WMF or HTML. This is a good alternative for those who need to make modifications to closed documents.

The application interface is very straightforward. Right on the first screen, you will find options to convert to and from PDF files. Using the pull-and-drop system, you can create a complete list of all the documents that need to be transformed. The tool automatically identifies the number of pages and allows the necessary adjustments.

Click “To” to point to the desired conversion format. There are a wide range of options, among them JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, EPS, WMF, HTML and some others. If you want, you can also split the file into smaller pieces. Finally, just click “Convert” to start the task.

If you have multiple images and want to create a single PDF file, simply choose the “To PDF” option. Now, just include the documents and have them converted. Click the gear icon to set the file name, title, set a password, and change the page layout.

The tool allows you to select the print size, rotate and change the orientation of the content. The positioning system allows you to easily indicate where the image is placed on the sheet. In the lower left corner, a small preview frame shows how the document will look when it’s ready.

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Icecream PDF Converter PRO