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Icecream PDF Split & Merge PRO Description

Icecream PDF Split & Merge is an application that can be used to separate or to join a PDF document.

That way, it can be useful for both those who need to remove a page from a text or split it into smaller pieces as well as who wants to group multiple files into a single document.

However, it is good to keep in mind that the program does not do the format conversion process. That is, the divided or grouped files remain as PDF, only the requested process is applied. To further enhance your experiences, the application brings an integrated reader for this type of document.

Initially, the application is in English, however, to change the language, click “Settings”, and then choose the Portuguese in the “Language” check box. This is the free version of the application and has limitations with respect to full, which is paid.

Currently, PDF is a popular format for you to store or share documents. This is because it is usually lighter than some options, generating smaller files, as well as making editing difficult by third parties. Another advantage is that it ensures the integrity of formatting across multiple platforms and across different readers.

However, there may be times when you need to perform operations involving this type of file that are made difficult by the lack of a tool to edit your content. However, when this type of situation involves splitting or even merging documents into PDF, you can count on Icecream PDF Split & Merge.

One of the great advantages of the application is that its interface is focused on the visibility of its functions and ease of use, ensuring that even beginners do not have many difficulties to operate it. It is capable of operating with files that are on your computer but does not support fonts on virtual drives.

To start using the application, you must initially choose whether to separate a document or group several by selecting “Split” or “Merge” respectively.

Once the operation is chosen, the next step is to load the desired documents – task for which there are two methods. You can either use the “Add File” button or drag the items to the program screen. The split function has four alternatives for its execution, which can be chosen according to your needs.

There is how to create one file per document page, create files containing an indicated amount of sheets, delete a page, or split at specific intervals. When everything is what you want, just click “Split” to start the operation. You can track the progress of the process on the program screen itself.

Just like in the process of dividing, once the documents are loaded, they are listed on the screen so that you can check if everything is what you want. Here, however, there is only one method available and just click “Merge” to begin the operation. The procedure can be tracked on the screen.

You just have to be careful to leave the files in the desired order as the pages are placed according to the sequence defined in the list.

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Icecream PDF Split & Merge