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IceCream Screen Recorder PRO Description

IceCream Screen Recorder is a program that allows you to easily capture any area of ​​the screen of your computer, whether in a video or image file.

Its operation is simplified. In the main screen, there are two options: “Capture Video” and “Screenshot”. So, just click on the desired alternative so that, shortly afterwards, open a small window with related tools.

Through its features, you can record HD video games, Skype calls and other instant messengers. If necessary, you can also take screenshots of your Desktop.

Through the markup area, you can select a specific region of the screen to create a video or take a screenshot.

Another feature present is the drawing board. In it, you can draw lines and add text and arrows in the image or video as it is captured. This is a useful tool for tutorial cases, for example. In addition, it has a built-in history, in which you have quick access to all the images and videos that were captured.

Features that make the difference
Besides having tools that are available in similar programs, IceCream Screen Recorder offers some functions that really make the difference.

For example, you can configure some aspects and change the volume of system and microphone sounds. If necessary, hide the cursor and desktop icons while you are recording to get a cleaner file visually.

Sending screenshots is also made easy with the help of this program because you can save them to the Clipboard for sharing, and the application can still generate a custom URL for your file.

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IceCream Screen Recorder PRO