iDump Classic Pro 2013

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iDump Classic Pro 2013 Description

iDump Classic Pro 2013 is a very simple program for anyone who has an iPod and want to transfer his songs to any computer that has iTunes installed. The program will transfer songs without any mystery.

Available in German, Spanish and English, iDump is compatible with almost all models iPod – only the new iPod Touch and iPhone can not use.

If you have a large capacity iPod and many songs, iDump have search engine so you pince the desired files. For lists, you can view only the songs to a list.

iDump Classic Pro 2013 Key Features

Copies tracks to PC
Supports file conversion to the following formats: MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, AAC (M4A), WMA, W64, AIFF, AU, PAF, SVX, NIST, VOC, PVF, CAF, FLAC.

Copies tracks to iTunes
Supports file conversion to the following formats: MP3, WAV, AAC (M4A).

Copies track to other iPods (See supported devices)
Supports file conversion to the following formats: MP3, WAV, AAC (M4A).

Copies the artwork and writes to the audio file copied if it supports artwork.

Media information
Copy process will search the Internet for Cover Artwork for audio files if artwork is not found in the iPod artwork database.

During copy process, you can convert your selected tracks to different audio formats. So you could copy MP3 from iPod and convert to Wav, AAC during the copy to iTunes, PC or another iPod.

Optimal Copying
Updates to iTunes are done by reading and writing the iTunes database file in your music folder and not using Apples SDK. This means our software is a lot faster than other products out there.


iDump Classic Pro 2013 Review

The application interface is well organized, as it is structured into several sections that have specific functionality. It needs to be mentioned that in order for the program to work, you must connect your iPod to the computer as well as have iTunes installed.

The Export section is the place where you can choose the destination directory, as well as the export format that is to be used for each transferred file: artist, album, title, genre, track number, and year. In addition, you have the possibility to convert the iPod songs to other format before copying them to the PC.

Another function provided by iDumpPro is to synchronize music from the iPod with the one in iTunes, or create a backup to the multimedia files from the Apple device.

In conclusion, all iPod users should take this utility for a test, since they can evaluate its functions for up to 30 days. If you are pleased with its performance, you need to purchase a license so as to be able to use after the trial period expires.

iDump Classic Pro 2013 Sceenshot

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