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iLike for Mac Description

iLike for Mac s an all-in-one utility geared towards purifying your iPhone, iPad and iPod. It offers a new approach to system maintenance that will: transfer files like music from your iOS device to a Mac computer and iTunes, reclaim more free space on your i-device by removing various temporary and useless files, browse your backup files of your iPhone like a normal USB flash drive.

iLike for Mac Key Features

– The Ultimate File Transfer Function for Your iPod, iPad and iPhone
– Increase Space on Your iOS Device and Keep the Device Like New
– Get Direct Access to Your iPhone or iPad’s File System
– Offers an Easy-to-operate Backup Tool and iTunes Backup Browser

iLike for Mac Review

iLike for Mac comes in extremely handy to any Mac user who needs to quickly transfer multiple files to and from iOS device to their desktop.

Moreover, iLike can be used for effortlessly removing temporary or garbage files from an iOS device and for browsing the contents of your device just like browsing an USB flash drive.

iLike for Mac is a tool that helps you organize as well as optimize the contents of your iOS device. It also enables you to access anything you want on your iPhone, starting with music and videos and ending with installed applications and images.

Furthermore, you can use iLike to easily free up space on your iOS device by removing junk files like cache, script files, cookies and failed sync logs.

The most noteworthy iLike feature is that it allows you to access your device’s filesystem without having to install any other applications. This way, you can listen to music, preview photos and view documents stored on your iOS device at any time from the comfort of your Mac’s desktop.

Furthermore, iLike doesn’t need any particular configuration, so you can easily install and use it without having to go through a long configuration process. You can also browse iTunes backups if you need to.

As an extra bonus, iLike also provides you with comprehensive information about your device, which includes capacity, software and firmware version, device ID, serial number as well as phone number.

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iLike for Mac