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iMyfone D-Back Description




iMyfone D-Back (Windows version) – Personal License $69.95 Only $34.97 Get It Now!
iMyfone D-Back (Windows version) – Family License $99.95 Only $44.97 Get It Now!
iMyfone D-Back for Mac – Personal License $69.95 Only $34.97 Get It Now!
iMyfone D-Back for Mac – Family License $99.95 Only $44.97 Get It Now!

iMyfone D-Back is an application that lets you recover files that are deleted unintentionally iPhone, iPad or iPod.

If you have a problem and lose or damage the contents of your phone, you can use this app to try to recover that data. It works simply and you can choose exactly what types of items you want to bring back.

When you upgrade the system, for example, it is possible that something goes wrong and you lose files. In addition, you can often inadvertently delete an item. For these and other cases, the iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone works trying to find documents that are still in the device memory.

The ideal is to scan as soon as you realize the error or so delete something by accident, since the chances of recovering your file are far greater in these cases. To use iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone just install the app, plug the phone, choose the types of data you want to recover, scan and then select all that is relevant in the list that appears.

It can recover photos, videos, text messages, notes, bookmarks, calendar appointments, contacts, and historical calls and Whatsapp. According to the developers, the next versions will also bring support reminders, voice messaging and Facebook chat. The iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone demand in the device’s internal memory, on iTunes and iCloud.

iMyfone D-Back Key Features

Smart Recovery
Have no clues where to find your data? The Data Recovery for iPhone can relocate your data quickly as per the files type and data loss situation, eliminating the puzzlement about scan and recovery path.

Recover from iOS Device
Lost iPhone data without any backup? Stop being frustrated! Try iMyfone D-Back to search and recover your lost data directly from iOS device.

Recover from iTunes Backup
iPhone is damaged or lost? Don’t worry, your precious data can be recovered from iTunes backup without connecting iDevice.

Recover from iCloud Backup
iMyfone D-Back can extract the backup data from iCloud to your computer, avoiding the situation of overwriting the current data on your iPhone.

iMyfone D-Back Review

iMyfone D-Back is an interesting application to retrieve files on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It brings the possibility to choose only a few TPOS files to bring back, being a simple alternative. If you have used such a program on the PC, for example, will easily be able to do the same to find the items on the iPhone.

Just plug your phone and get started! There are advanced settings and it makes the whole process automatically, without you having any very great knowledge on the subject. The only point that is important to note is that this kind of ferramentaq works best if you do not take: so to realize the mistake and want to recover, install the application and scan.

This scan may take, but do not let the slow PC nor precludes their use. This way, you can continue moving normally while the application attempts to find the files on your iPhone in iTunes and iCloud.

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iMyfone D-Back