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iMyfone Umate Description




iMyfone Umate (Windows version) – Basic License $29.95 Only $14.97 Get It Now!
iMyfone Umate (Windows version) – Family License $49.95 Only $24.97 Get It Now!
iMyfone Umate for Mac – Basic License $29.95 Only $14.97 Get It Now!
iMyfone Umate for Mac – Family License $49.95 Only $24.97 Get It Now!

iMyfone Umate is an iphone cleaner software that you can use to clean unnecessary files from iPhone or iPad (though the name only mention the Apple phone’s name), thus freeing up more space and increasing system performance.

The app is not free, costing $ 29.95, but you can use some of it features free only to test it, though resources are limited.

For example, if you choose not to pay for the software, you can only carry out the cleaning once. To use the iPhone Space Saver, you must have iTunes installed on your computer properly, otherwise it will not be able to access data from your iPhone or iPad. Overall, the program can eliminate over 30 file types, perform data compression to free up 75% of the picture space, manage and delete apps to recover storage and increase device speed to make it run like it was new.

First, connect the device to your PC and turn the iPhone Space Saver for the software perform the overall analysis of the device. Despite being all in English, you can be guided by the icons among the program functions in the left corner of the interface (home, data cleansing, data compression and apps manager). Select the option you want and ready, the procedure will be performed automatically, without you having to stick to the details.

For people who have devices with 8 GB or 16 GB, iPhone Space Saver should be especially interesting, since all released and taken advantage of space is welcome. Apps caches, cookies, temporary and corrupt files, all this data is permanently deleted with the help of software to give more impetus to the device. For you not to worry about meaningful data that can be eliminated, the iPhone Space Saver is a backup on the PC before performing any of the procedures.

iMyfone Umate Key Features

– Clean up 30+ Junk Files to Free up iOS Space
– Lossless Photo Compression to Reclaim 75% of Photos’ Storage
– Manage and Remove Unused Apps to Release iPhone Space
– Secure Your Data by Backing up Beforehand
– When to Clean up iPhone (iOS Device)
– Make More Fun out of Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

It’s always good to free up space on the iPhone and iPad to put more music, install apps and save photos, but it is common that the device is full it can not verify your data regularly. Thus, this iPhone cleanup tool can help you manage your phone’s storage space – something very much welcome the gadgets with 8 and 16 GB.

With a modern and beautiful look with clear icons and self-explanatory buttons is extremely easy to use software (even if it is in English). Even users who are not accustomed to the genre programs will not find difficulties, such is the ease of move in iPhone Space Saver interface and select options.

A better device in a few seconds
The shortcuts are objective and with a few clicks you can already perform the main functions, such as managing apps and release more data on the iPhone and iPad. The highlight is compression account for up to 75% of storage space used by the pictures, which is great. In addition, a backup is always done on the PC prior to these changes, then you can rest assured that nothing will be lost unintentionally.

Who wants to test the software before you decide to buy it can not do many things, as the functions are limited and you can only do the cleaning only once (maybe if we could use the program in full for a set period was better ).

Who buy the software, you will find a great help, great to work together with iTunes and let your Apple devices faster, running as if they were new and no slowdowns, everything to ensure more space and performance.

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iMyfone Umate