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MacBooster 2 Description

MacBooster is designed to help Mac owners to improve the performance of their machines, either a MacBook or an iMac. For this, he has a number of tools aimed at ending common problems in the routine of any computer, such as the overhead of using RAM and processor.

But MacBooster goes further and also provides resources for elimination of duplicate content or files that are taking up too much disk storage space and a complete uninstall software. Thus, your computer will be ringing to track your work, study or entertainment.

iObit MacBooster Key Features

Simplifying your life – As the idea is to simplify MacBooster cleaning your Mac, so open the program displays a screen that meets four of its main functions: protection for internet, system cleanup, system optimization and Disk Cleanup.

Time to vent the RAM – One of the greatest villains of the slowness of a computer is to overload the use of RAM – something quite common that is because many programs, even after “closed”, has operations running in the background.

Hunting unnecessary content – Over time, it is normal that we end up accumulating a bunch of obsolete content and that are copied to more than one folder. To eliminate duplicate or very large and old files MacBooster offers mechanisms “Finder duplicate” and “Clearing large files.”

No more -Another very recurrent problem in computers is the incomplete uninstallation of programs, which ends up leaving traces and files back, ie waste. To end this situation, the MacBooster has a more efficient system of exclusion of software installed on your machine. It identifies all the files related to the executable to be deleted and excluded them together.

Starting gun – Finally, to improve the performance of your Mac from the moment you press the power button, the MacBooster has a system that allows the definition of which applications and processes should and should not be started with the operating system boot. The less the computer activities need to perform this procedure in less time it will be ready for use.

iObit MacBooster Review

MacBooster proved to be an excellent tool for anyone who is finding slowness problems, system crash or unexpected closing applications on your Mac. Valuing simplicity, this program can be used by anyone without complications.

Easy to use
The clean and minimalist interface aspects, following the standards of almost any operating system from Apple, promotes interaction uncomplicated even among those who never stirred in a genre software.

Another feature that contributes to this is their organization, with all the features properly segmented into sections for easy access and use very intuitive icons.

Speeding your machine
In addition, good range of tools offered is another of MacBooster qualities, enabling you to perform a complete cleaning of your machine really – from mere duplicate files to the memory usage optimization RAM and OS boot.

The results obtained with the MacBooster were satisfactory, releasing considerable amounts of space on the storage disk, and what is more important, the RAM used. Thus, the computer’s performance improvement is noticeable, which should be even more evident in some older machines and hardware configurations more “modest”.

Interface clean and organized;
Easy to use;
Good variety of tools;
Improvement noticeable performance.


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MacBooster 2