Jar2Exe v2.0 Standard

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Jar2Exe v2.0 Standard Description




Jar2Exe v2.0 Standard $29.95 Only $17.97 Get It Now!
Jar2Exe v2.0 Standard $145.00 Only $87.00 Get It Now!

Many programs made in Java JAR packages are distributed. To execute a command need to type or use the Open With menu in Windows. Both steps are quite uncomfortable.

Jar2Exe is a wizard that converts into EXE files JAR packages. The first of the six steps is to choose the JAR file and the minimum version of the Java virtual machine. He then asks for the type Jar2Exe application (graphical or console).

The third is one of the most delicate steps: Jar2Exe is no need to tell what is the main function of the program. Jar2Exe attempt to automatically detect, but this is not always possible. Step 4 to enable support for system tray and event recording and code encryption.

Once added auxiliary JAR in the fifth step, the sixth question of the save path and EXE icon. A click Next and JAR Jar2Exe be transformed into a standard EXE. Simple and effective.

Jar2Exe Key Features

Find JRE on host by itself
Generated binary executive will find JRE on host:
Search JRE from System registry for SUN JRE and IBM JRE.
Search JRE from local bundled ‘jre’ directory.
Search JRE from JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME environment variable.
On Linux, search JRE by following ‘which java’ to ‘java’ symbol link
The search ways can be disabled or reordered.

Java version check before execute
Check java version greater and lower than a version:
Check java version must be equal or greater than a version. (minjre)
Check java version no higher than a version. (maxjre)
To check java version is optional, it can be disabled.

Add an icon and version information to generated binary
To add icon and version to resource of generated binary executive file:
One or more icons can be added into generated binary file.
It is supported to set a file version and product version.
It is supported to set a group of copy right descriptions.

Messages are customizable
Error messages can be customized, you can add more tips to your customers. Such as:
Java runtime environment (JRE) not found on host
Main class (entrypoint of program) not found or not valid.
Service install fail because of no privilege.
Other more than a dozen messages.

Wide compatibility
Jar2Exe and generated binary file has a wide compatibility:
Jar2Exe supports to generate binary file for Windows and Linux.
Jar2Exe supports to generate 32 bits and 64 bits binary files.
Generated binary files run with JRE from 1.2 to 1.7.
Generated binary files are VC runtime library independent.
Generated binary files for Linux are GLIBC independent.

Jar2Exe Review

Jar2Exe is a handy utility which is widely used to convert the .jar files (java archives) to windows executable files. It has become rather obsolete utility as most of the current .jar files could be run just by double clicking if you have the JRE (java runtime environment) and if the jar file contains the manifest file.

What make it stand out from the rest are the other features it offers. The GUI is simple and easy to use, making it an easy task for any newbie to create professional looking executables of jar files without much professional knowledge. Even after the exe has been compiled, it requires JRE to run, as Jar2Exe acts just as a launcher, and doesn’t pack the library functions of java with it. It is capable of compiling executables of console application, GUI application and as NT Service application as well (the latter two are limited period offer in free trial). If the jar file has the manifest file defined in it, Jar2Exe automatically detects the file containing the “main method”, the starting point of the code.

It also has an option to include a splash screen image which will be shown before the executable starts. Another important feature to be mentioned is the ability to hide the class files and even encrypt them. The encrypted files are decrypted at run time. This prevents the code from being reverse engineered to a certain extent. This is really handy for people who considers their code to be secure from the prying eyes, and also for deploying commercial applications which are hard to be reverse engineered (as the java byte code decompilers are common). Other features included are the system tray support & system event log. Moreover, it is also possible to change the icon of the produced executable and also to include dependent jar files into a single exe file.

Wizard step by step
Classes encryption options
Customizing icon and version

The process is not always successful

Jar2Exe v2.0 Standard Sceenshot

Jar2Exe Screenshot