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Kiosk Software – Premium Edition Description




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Internet Kiosk software converts computer into self-service kiosk. It prevents hacking and downtime, blocks the system keys like Ctrl-Alt-Del, restricts access to the system, desktop, drives, folders and programs. You can use it to securely display your website or application, show marketing messages and advertisements, bill for Internet use, games or office applications, sell tickets for WiFi HotSpot around your kiosk, and much more. We can build any application for you, and integrate in the Kiosk’s secure environment.

Antamedia Kiosk Software Key Feature

Check-in & Reservation
Minimize staffing requirements and automate common tasks with applications. Popular uses are for airport and hotel check-in, concerts and fitness clubs, hospitality and sports events. Self-service reservations are popular for restaurant tables, golf course, spa centers where customer privacy matters.

In-Store Product Information
Provide accurate product information, product ordering and guided selling to increase sales revenue. Show product comparison, how-to, and help customer easily find the product in your store. Accurate product information reduce returns and increases chance for additional accessory orders.

Internet Kiosk
Internet kiosks offer high speed Internet access, Email sending, Office software, PC and online gaming, entertainment features. Antamedia Kiosk software helps you easily implement free or pay for use kiosks, and configure applications available for customer use.

WiFi HotSpot Kiosk
Expand service around your kiosk by installing Antamedia HotSpot and an access point. WiFi devices such as tablets, laptops, smart phones can utilize your services free or for a fee. Bill for Internet use by the time, data transfer and offer different price plans for returning customers.

Pay Station
Self-service ticket dispenser helps you automate selling of the prepaid Internet tickets. It runs as a standalone service, or as an integrated part of the Kiosk. It collects bill, coin, credit card and PayPal customer payments and creates tickets which can be used on all kiosks or hotspots in your network.

Digital Signage
Engages customers and arouses interest in your products and services. Show retail advertizing, consumer information, travel and weather updates by combining videos, images, webpages, flash animations. Unlike print materials, changes can be made in a minute with no additional cost.

Loyalty programs
Help customer check their points or account balance. Show targeted per-customer special offers on kiosk. Implement NFC contactless smart cards that can be used as a payment device, loyalty card or entrance card. Antamedia Kiosk software and loyalty solution can fit into your project.

Queuing & Guidance
Manage a large number of customers with a small number of service representatives. Integrate with your database to provide representative availability, remote VoIP communication, and guidance. Deployments range from customer service, waiting rooms, government services to business incubators.

Custom Development
We can assist you or develop an entirely new theme for your business, interface your application with the Kiosk, integrate with your Hotel, Resort, Airline, Hospitality PMS system, or develop new software that will run on top of the secure Kiosk shell. Please contact us for more details.

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Antamedia Kiosk Software