Lazesoft Recovery Suite

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Lazesoft Recovery Suite Description

Lazesoft Recovery Suite is a software that allows you to perform various activities on your computer.

It is possible to recover the Windows login password you have forgotten, make a complete backup of your computer, clone an entire hard drive while keeping the OS functional on the new drive, and still recover lost files. The program lets you do all this, plus a lot of other things, for free.

To get started with Lazesoft Recovery Suite, you need to look at the program’s home screen and check out the possibilities. There are five categories specified, and each one represents a different set of functions.

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Key Features

Windows Recovery: brings the system recovery options that can be used after some startup problem, unexpected crash or failures that compromise the system in some way. This section is only functional after you create a CD or pendrive with the recovery files. You can do this in the “Burn CD / USB Disk” section.

Data Recovery: brings all options for recovery of deleted files. You can scan to specific partitions or scan an entire hard drive for documents that can still be recovered. The program still has light or deep search options.

Disk Image & Clone: ​​counts with all the possibilities of backup and copy of units. It is possible to keep backups of your files stored on other HDs or even clone your HD completely to a new drive. With this you can change your OS to a larger disk or get rid of a problematic hard drive. This cloning function keeps your operating system running normally on the new drive, without you having to do a new installation or anything.

Password Recovery: has password recovery functions. If you have forgotten your Windows login password, this section will show you all the recovery options for your password. It also only works when a recovery CD or pendrive is connected. To do this, use the “Burn CD / USB Disk” section.

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Lazesoft Recovery Suite