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LeaderTask Standard Description

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LeaderTask is a personal information manager. Thus, it can help you organize your work or life in general. The application has a very nice modern-looking interface, which perfectly matches the style of Microsoft Office. Thus, if you have previous experience with, let us say, Outlook, it is unlikely that you have any difficulty to use this tool.

LeaderTask provides you with a lot of different customization options, making it a nice tool for a variety of different people. Users with full-time jobs or with a lot of stay-at-home parent types of tasks will probably get the most use out of it. Students who want to keep track of homework assignments and events taking place outside of their classes might also appreciate LeaderTask’s many features.

LeaderTask Personal Organizer Key Features

Joint Work
Organize a cooperative task (several employees working on a single project), add comments, attach files and more.

Customer Relationship Maintenance
LeaderTask allows you to keep a complete history of your customer relationships. Customers are added to a common database where you can attach important documents, send e-mails, etc. to each of them. A complete historical view of this database is always at your finger tips.

Project Management
LeaderTask gives you complete real-time project control. Managers/Supervisors can assign project tasks and follow their employee’s progress.

Mobile version for Android, iPad, iPhone
Synchronize LeaderTask with your mobile device and always have your task list at hand.

Inner Chat
Our “Inner Chat” feature allows employees to exchange messages and files. Chats can be created on a broad scale (a common chat with all employees) or assigned to a specific project or task. All chat history conveniently remains available to each project member.

Remote Management
Communication with your employees, teams, etc. is possible from any part of the world with an Internet connection. Easily stay in touch with your branch offices while away.

LeaderTask Personal Organizer Review

LeaderTask is an organizer that lets you manage your projects, contacts, tasks and, ultimately, your time. If you’re looking for a customizable calendar with a built-in to do list, LeaderTask is a great option.

Although it is true that some of its functions are also supported by many common e-mail clients, it also provides additional convenient features.

It is easy to use.
It provides various ways to organize your tasks.
It includes an e-mail client.
It lets you store data on the Cloud.
It allows importing and exporting the database.

Takes time to learn advanced features

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