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Leawo Video Accelerator Pro Description

The Leawo Video Accelerator Pro is not just a video accelerator as its name suggests. It is also a browser, converter, and also a software manager with the ability to download videos.

This utility speeds up play and download videos from YouTube and other sites as well, including being compatible with high-quality videos (however, high-definition images are only supported by the pro version of the software).

With the built-in player, you can play videos in FLV format, whether from the Internet or from your computer. A highlight is the ability to watch videos even download them has not been finalized.

Leawo Video Accelerator Pro Key Features

1. Video Accelerator
As a video accelerator, Leawo video accelerator pro can effectively speed up YouTube videos and other videos from internet, so with it, there won’t have interrupt freezing in your video enjoyment, even the video is a HQ and HD video. In addition, it not only can accelerate videos played in it, but also can speed up videos played in browsers, and accelerate speed of video downloading.
2. Superior Video Downloader
Because of the multi-thread processing, the acceleration of video playing and the technology of temporarily saving videos onto your local computer while being browsed, this video accelerator can extremely fast to download videos with just a mouse-click. In addition, this video accelerator supports batch downloading to save your time.
3. FLV Player
With a built-in FLV player, Leawo video accelerator pro also can work as a FLV player to play videos from internet or from your local PC disks. And with this FLV player, you can watch videos haven’t downloaded off completed, videos have viewed once at any time and don’t need to open the video page again.

Leawo Video Accelerator Pro Review

Attest to the efficacy of programs like Leawo Video Accelerator Pro is not an easy task, because everything depends on a number of factors, not just the software. What we can say, based on our experience of using this utility is that there is still room for many improvements.

First, Leawo Video Accelerator Pro is not as simple as other software acceleration and downloading videos. It is basically a browser with additional resources. Some may like this proposal, but the fact is that there is no way to use this program as a substitute for your browser. This makes consider whether there is a need to develop software with these characteristics.

An interesting feature of Leawo Video Accelerator Pro is also a source of problems for the user. When accessing a page with video, the program identifies the content automatically and displays a notification if you want to start the download. The problem that can arise is more than one notification at the same time, which confuses anyone.

But all is not lost, after all, Leawo Video Accelerator Pro provides many formats for you to convert a video without going through compatibility issues. And the program, in general, proved effective.

It works well.
Easy to use.
Good downloader.


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Leawo Video Accelerator Pro