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Light Developer – Standard Version Description




Light Developer – Standard Version $79.00 Only $67.15 Get It Now!
Light Developer – Matting version $59.00 Only $50.15 Get It Now!
Light Developer – Editing Version $29.00 Only $24.65 Get It Now!

Light Developer is an image editor that offers professional tools and efficient solutions for you to brush up your collection of photos.

This program includes advanced image manipulation technologies, allowing you to have the best features of the market in a single application.

One of the biggest attractions of Light Developer’s assistant offered quick settings. With this mechanism at your side, you have at your disposal a multitude of issues preloaded, allowing the desired changes are made to a very uncomplicated.

In addition, the software includes support for major image formats, thereby ensuring that all your photos can be edited without the need for conversions.

Light Developer Review

Light Developer is a tool for editing and both images. Its interface has a modern and elegant, with a beautiful visual impact. She also has animations in 3D transition tools, providing an extremely pleasant interaction.

A variety of features for editing photos and illustrations is great, offering the most advanced features so you can brush up your collection of images so really professional. The results presented by the functions offered is great.

However, you will notice the Light Developer is the ease with which it can be used. The setup wizard is available is of great help for those who have little knowledge in this type of task or need to make small changes that do not deserve the commitment of hours tweaking every parameter image.

For example, you can edit the brightness, contrast, exposure and saturation of color a picture with one click – procedure you would take much more time to accomplish change if each of these features individually.

3D Animations
Modern interface and practical
uncomplicated functionality
Wide variety of resources
Great quality of applications available


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