liteCam HD – 2 Users

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liteCam HD – 2 Users Description

liteCam HD is an easy to use screen recorder which allows you to capture videos from your screen into a compact AVI file at virtually the same quality! You can save streaming movies, news broadcasts, webcam shows, chat conversations or just about anything else you can see on your screen! Capture your screen on video; add audio narrations and you have instant video tutorials! Play DVDs on your monitor and record them instantly at a fraction of the time it usually takes to capture movies from DVD.

What’s new in liteCam?

– File conversion for mobile devices: Want to watch what you’ve recorded on your mobile phone or iPod?
– Draw on Screen: You can draw on your screen while recording. Make great presentations in minutes
– Exclusive Game recording: Best game recording program yet. Up to 30 times smaller file size than leading game recording software
– Better timer recording functions: Record even while you sleep
– One click Quick Recording: One click recording, literally
– Records your mouse cursor: you asked us for it so we added this feature just for you.
– Better webcam recording options: More options for webcam recording
– Enhanced recording quality: Better recording quality and smaller video sizes.
– Improved 64bit Windows compatibility: Works on most 64bit Windows computers

liteCam Features

– Record whatever you want – Any videos playing on any media players or on any browsers.
– Write on screen whie you’re recording. – Make a quick, but effective presentation/ tutorial
– Convert recorded videos into other formats to play on other mobile devices – It’s not just a recorder anymore
– Timer Recording Just like a VCR and Quick Recording
– Various Recording Modes Available – Full screen, window frame, custom size and program recording modes are available.
– Recording Quality – liteCam records exactly what you see on your computer screen.

liteCam Review

LiteCam allows you to record all kinds of movies played on your computer. It is very easy to use and also allows the user to capture videos from the computer into a compact AVI file at even the same quality.

You can record movies, chat conversations, lessons, basically anything that you can see on your screen. It allows you to save movies and watch them when you have free time and you are available and comfortable. The great tool that this program has is that you can recycle movies, record them and keep them for your self.

The minimum requirements you need are: IBM Compatible PC/ Pentium 500 Mhz / 256 MB of memory / 16 MB video card and Sound card that supports Full Duplexing.

The user can watch DVDs on the computer and record them at the moment, spending less time than what it generally takes to capture movies from DVD.

There is a very useful option for people that do no have time to spend while the movie is recording. You can set up a recording timer and leave the movie recording while you are doing something else.

LiteCam offers you 3 different recording modes: Custom Size, Window Frame and Full Screen.

Easy applications
Recycle movies

Some Codecs are not compatible.

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