Lucid Virtu MVP 2.0 Standard Edition

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Lucid Virtu MVP 2.0 Standard Edition Description




Virtu MVP 2.0 Basic Edition $34.99 Only $24.49 Get It Now!
Virtu MVP 2.0 Standard Edition $44.99 Only $31.49 Get It Now!
Virtu MVP 2.0 Pro Edition $55.99 Only $39.19 Get It Now!

Lucid VIRTU MVP 2.0 is designed for the platforms with one integrated and one discrete GPU. VIRTU MVP 2.0 dynamically assigns tasks to best available graphics resource based on power, performance and features. There is no need for
HW or HW changes. VIRTU Universal MVP 2.0 allows user to fully utilize the capabilities of both integrated and discrete GPUs.

When no high end graphics is used and display is connected to integrated GPU, the discrete GPU is put in idle mode thus GPU utilization, heat, fan speed and power are down to near zero, turning the system to an environment friendly platform.

Advanced performance improvement features of VIRTU MVP 2.0, Virtual Vsync and HyperFormance provide the uncompromised image quality and game responsiveness performance gain.

New user interface with 8 different languages support and Win8 optimized visuals provides high level of flexibility and comfort for end user.

Lucid Virtu MVP Key Features

Virtu MVP, is an optimized Lucid Virtu GPU virtualization software that makes your PC look better, respond faster, process video and media smoother, all within a low power environment.

Designed for next generation AMD processor based platforms, as well as Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge platforms with notebooks, all in one PCs and desktop motherboards flavors.

Virtu MVP has 3 major components:
1. GPU Virtualization – Enabling applications to use best of both worlds between discrete GPU and integrated one, with no limitation where your display is plugged in.
2. Virtual Vsync – A cool technology that allows you to play with your standard in-game vsync turned on for smooth tear-free game play, but without the 60 FPS cap. Yes, you can.
3. HyperFormance – A technology designed to further boost you game responsiveness by removing redundant rendering tasks in the pipeline resulting by higher response performance.

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Lucid Virtu MVP