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MacCleanse Description

Mac Cleanse is a shareware program mainly focused on cleaning internet applications, like browsers. It provides a list of the applications you can clean, and clicking on a a name will open up a drop down menu of the elements you can check for deletion, such as cookies, downloads, or recent searches. The right side of the interface features an information panel with a description for the selected application, something which isn’t really necessary.

Most of us know the pain of using a shared computer. Privacy is a valued commodity in today’s world, and maintaining it does not have to be a hassle. MacCleanse securely scans your system for activity and erases the desired information. Sure, you could go rummaging through your entire system trying to manually clean out your files, but what if you miss something? What if you accidentally delete a crucial file and lose important data? Don’t take the risk. Let MacCleanse carefully and precisely scan and incinerate only what you choose. Whether you’ve been gift shopping online, discussing confidential business matters, visiting inappropriate web sites, or just want to clean out your system, MacCleanse is your savior. Unlike some other privacy protection tools which go through your system with brute force, MacCleanse has been thoroughly tested and only removes the necessary files, and reports all errors.

MacCleanse Key Features
Recover gigabytes of lost storage – MacCleanse is a powerful application geared towards purifying your system and reclaiming hard disk space. In only seconds, it can perform over fifty tasks which could take hours to perform manually.
Safely, and securely, removes files – MacCleanse can wipe files with US Department of Defense level security. It will also provide detailed information on each item it cleanses for your records.
Maintain your privacy – It is an ideal solution when shopping for gifts, cleansing the system after someone else has used it, when preparing to sell your computer, or just for reclaiming wasted disk space.
Custom-tailored – MacCleanse also contains enhanced features for specific applications like: Acquisition, Adium, AIM, aMSN, Azureus, Bit Torrent, Colloquy, FireFox…

MacCleanse Review
Despite the slightly counterintuitive interface, Mac Cleanse is efficient at cleaning up multiple internet applications at once.

Secure and fast file deletion
Can clean lots of applications

Description panel not necessary
Interface a little counterintuitive

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