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MacShiny – Deluxe License for 24-month plan Description

Over time, the computer begins to store files that are not needed and that ends up hurting their performance.

The MacShiny is responsible for cleaning up mac computer, deleting those files you do not need, but also has other very useful tools. It is divided into three areas: cleaners, tools and services.

Cleaners (cleaning)

So that unnecessary files are removed, the MacShiny scans the entire hard drive to identify them.

After this process, it performs cleaning caches and logs. But what is this?

When we enter a web page, for example, the system “remembers” the information on this site so that when it is opened again, the process is faster.

However, this information stored occupy space in HD. So, periodically, it is necessary to clean, erasing the information. So, they are removed from the user cache and all installed navigators and logs.

In addition, the MacShiny excludes programs from other versions which are already installed on your Mac system. The option of removing binaries, you can identify programs that have more than one version and remove what is not useful to the user.

It is also allowed to delete the duplicate files that may exist on your computer. There are some programs that are accompanied by a package, or have multiple versions translated into different languages. These programs also take up excessive hard drive space, so they are also subject to exclusion.

Tools (tools)

In addition to the cleaning function, this software provides tools to help in organization and computer maintenance.

The MacShiny offers backup tools that copy all the information on the disk to an external hard drive, USB or FTP account, preventing the loss of important data. In addition to save them, you can make them sensitive by Data Encryptor tool, which will only open the files when you see the correct password.

With the “Default Apps” tool you can configure with which each file type program will be open, for example, if the file in TXT will be opened in Pages or TextEdit.

It also has other tools such as the “Login Items”, which sets which programs should run automatically when the computer boots, and paper shredder (Shredder), which excludes the unwanted file permanently, without passing through the trash. It is also relating to the exclusion of files, MacShiny has tools uninstall and recovery of deleted files.


The services offered by this software require the creation of a free online account with MacShiny.

It features anti-theft services and technical assistance to make better use of your Mac.

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