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MacTunePro Description

This sophisticated, yet easy-to-use utility program makes operating your Mac easier, safer and more fun. With MacTunePro, you can easily prevent system instability and speed up your Mac with a few simple steps. MacTunePro quickly discovers and fixes problems, restores hard disk space, creates bootable disk backups, and maximizes Internet and network connections to squeeze the best performance from your Mac.

With MacTunePro, you can automatically run daily, weekly and/or monthly system maintenance tasks. The utility software cleans system clutter to increase performance, securely removes unwanted junk and personal files to recover lost space and creates bootable backups or disk images.

MacTunePro Key Features

System Cleaner
System Cleaner serves to scan your Mac for system and user cache files. Cache files tend to occupy essential hard disc space and as long as these are temporary ones, they are not worth being stored. System Cleaner helps clean all of them safely.

Logs Cleaner
Logs Cleaner aims at scanning your Mac for system and user log files that occupy precious hard disk space. Being automatically created for statistical analysis use, log files are to be cleaned by Logs cleaner quickly and efficiently.

App Optimizer
App Optimizer is used for scanning applications installed on your Mac. It enables you to remove extra parts designed for other platforms. As a result, your Mac can operate with preserved ones, suitable for the platform used.
Besides, there are localized applications that take up your valuable hard disk space. Scan your Mac for localized applications that occupy valuable hard disk space. With App Optimizer, you can set the languages you prefer and get the unnecessary ones removed.

Cache Cleaner
Originally designed to facilitate content loading, cache files are known to accumulate and slow down the browsing experience. It inevitably leads to disk space waste.
MacTunePro is efficient at cleaning your Photo Cache, User Cache and System Cache, which helps accelerate your browsing impressively.

Language Cleaner
Normally applications install every localized version of the application. MacTunePro has an advantage of freeing up to 70% of the size of an application simply by eliminating the localizations unneeded.

Smart Uninstaller
Smart Uninstaller enables you to entirely remove applications, widgets, preference panes and plugins. By dragging an application to the Trash, you still keep its preferences, caches and logs on your Mac’s hard drive. Smart Uninstaller helps you remove these items safely.

Is perfect for deleting files and folders. Shredder deletes files or folders forever, i.e., without possibility to recover them. You just drag the files intended for permanent removal and click Shred.

MacTunePro Sceenshot

MacTunePro Screenshot