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Max File Shredder Description

Max File Shredder is a privacy protection software program designed to help you increase data protection. The program shreds any data completely so that it may not be recovered or retrieved in any way.

The program can destroy files and folders on any computer. The files shredded cannot be recovered in any way. Even fragments of it cannot be traced in your hard drive.

Also, Max File Shredder enables you to free up hard drive disk space and shreds all the contents of your Recycle Bin instead of just deleting them.

It uses a 7-pass destruction scheme which is DoD Std 7 for shredding data, making any bit of information from your file impossible to recover.

The Privacy Guard option in Max File Shredder deletes Internet Explorer and Windows History while the Scheduler option lets you set up a schedule for deleting certain files, folder contents or Recycle Bin automatically at your preferred time and date.

This program is compatible with FAT 32 and NTFS formats. Max File Shredder is an optimal solution for clearing data and maximizing disk space.

Max File Shredder Key Features

Max File Shredder permanently erases deleted data from hard disk using 7 pass destruction scheme as per DOD Std.7 and makes it impossible for any File Recovery tool to recover this data.
The Privacy Guard option Erases/Deletes the Internet Explorer and Windows History.
Clears/ Shred Recycle Bin.
Scans selected drive and shred free space to make drive secure.
Scheduler option to enable users to set up timed deletions of certain folder contents or Recycle Bin for those who prefer a more automated process.
Works on FAT 32 as well as NTFS drive.

Max File Shredder Sceenshot

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